What is “Heart To Fit”?

Hello and welcome to the “Heart To Fit” Blog!

“Heart To Fit” is a weblog designed to incorporate Christian encouragement with practical health and nutrition education in order to support healthy, balanced lifestyles. 

My name is Kandis and as the primary author featured on “Heart To Fit”, I would like share a few facts about me and why I chose to create this blog.

  • As a military kid who moved around quite a bit, change and adaptability are second nature for me.  I know Spanish and can sing one song in Hawaiian.
  • I didn’t grow up on a farm, but enjoyed earning my 1st degree in Agriculture/Animal Sciences.  I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty.
  • I love documentaries! Getting a peek into what life is like in someone else’s shoes fascinates me.
  • Mathematics and science have always been my favorite subjects; however, I indulge my creative side through writing.  I used to write short stories all the time growing up and would like to put that skill back to use.
  • I grew up in church with religion, but never had a close relationship with Jesus until I became an adult.  I rededicated my life to the Lord on Mother’s Day; Sunday, May 10, 2005 and though I have experienced ups and downs during my initial restoration process, I have no regrets.  I serve a merciful, loving God.
  • The title “Heart To Fit” is a play on the phrase “hard to fit”.  For most of my life, I was very uncomfortable in my own skin because of my height and proportions.  I’m much taller than the average American woman and this has always made me stand out.  Over time and through the grace of God, I have learned how to embrace my unique, statuesque frame as beautiful and feel that it is part of my purpose to help other young ladies to realize that they are indeed beautiful, loved, and accepted just as they are. 
  • As a registered dietitian, I often encounter questions about what it means to have a healthy weight.  Honestly, the science is out there with regards to certain anthropometric standards that indicate a healthy body weight; however, not everyone fits into those specific parameters.  I believe that there is indeed a relationship between body mass indices and weight status; yet, BMI is not indicative of overall health.  It is my goal to provide sound, accurate, tailored health information to the general public in order to support healthy lifestyle choices. 

That about sums me up in a nutshell.  Stick around, you’re bound to learn something new everyday.  Always remember: regardless of your age, size, stature, or weight, you are beautiful. I hope you enjoy my blog, thanks for stopping by, and come back soon! ♥


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