Romance and the Meaning of Life

Many messages, both from secular society and from Christian circles, indicate that worth is based on having someone connected to you romantically. God’s truth is that He has created each person with value, with worth, and with purpose. Romance does not give this value, worth, and purpose. A “significant other” does not give these things. No earthly role can give true meaning to life. Only God gives true value, true worth, and true purpose.

In the workbook part of his book, Search for Significance, Robert S. McGee suggests memorizing the following sentence to remember when struggling with worth, purpose, and acceptance by others: “It would be nice if ________ (fill in the blank with whatever you are desiring: ‘so-and-so accepted and loved me’, ‘I could be married and have children’, ‘I were more outgoing and attractive’, ‘so-and-so did such-and-such to show me he/she loved me’, etc.), but if that doesn’t happen, I am still deeply loved, completely forgiven, fully pleasing, and totally accepted by God through Christ.”

By Fern Horst


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