Merry Christmas– I Really Mean it This Year

My word for today: choose to celebrate.  The operative word is “choose”.

Choosing to have a good attitude regardless of your circumstances does not negate your present state. I feel it nullifies the negative impact of any trouble you encounter. You do not have to let that bad break or unfortunate event get you down. Take a minute, pray, regroup, and “keep on keepin’ on” (thanks Gladys!) Life and vitality are beautiful gifts; do not squander another one of your days dwelling in a place of apathetic disregard for the opportunity to maximize each day.

To be brutally honest here (my blog, my rules) in the past, I’ve had a hard time with really having a Merry Christmas.  I would say it to others, wish it in songs, and write it in greeting cards, but never really could guarantee a Merry Christmas for myself to enjoy.  It was not about money or anything tangible, but it was about a deep longing for Christmas the way “it used to be”.

Growing up, Christmas used to be exciting! Lots of time off from school, the good food, the gifts, the time with my family, everyone was on the same page. We had a common ground. Everyone was so engaged in having a good time, it made it easy to enjoy such a wonderful holiday.  The sum of these variables made it easy to enjoy Christmas.  Over time, I realized something (and please do not misunderstand what I’m about to say), each of those things are important in their own regard, but their absence in whole or in part should not determine my mood or willingness to be joyful on December 25.

The truth is, things have changed and that’s okay. Change is a disruption of the norm. It can be sudden or gradual. But, change is not always a bad thing. You cannot grow if you do not change. Change yields an opportunity for a new start, new traditions, and a new outlook.

Do not fear change; instead, let it refine, polish, and sharpen you.

So, today, as I finish up this cup of coffee and start my day, please allow me to encourage you to remember the true meaning of this season and rejoice regardless of what the snapshot of your life looks like right now or how your temporary feelings are coloring your mood.  Will yourself to enjoy this day, choose to have a great week Make a choice to have a Merry Christmas.

Much love, KP


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