So, I’m the Tallest Woman in Here…That’s Cool

Everyday, I teach, I counsel, and I encourage people to make healthful decisions. At the end of the day, I hope that I’ve inspired someone to take better care of themselves.  Not just their physical body, but also of their heart and mind which plays a large part of shaping their inner dialogue about themselves.

Take pride in being you. Not an arrogant, egotistical pride, but a sincere sense of just being you and your wonderful, exceptional self. Do not spend another day trying to live up to a self-imposed standard of beauty, importance, or worth that you have established per the “status quo” of what is considered good-enough by the world’s standard.

The Truth is: you are empowered to be an original– graced to walk in your true identity as a priceless gem designed by the Lord Himself.

Simmer on that for a minute….

Don’t get me wrong, I know we live in the world and are surrounded by media and images, but be careful what you let your ears and eyes get a hold to. Believe it or not, what you expose your ears and eyes to will shape your whole belief system.


Well, what you see and hear becomes part of your memory and what you think on. Prime example: have you ever had a song stuck in your head? Believe me; you probably didn’t have to do very much beyond listening to it to get it there. It’s the same with anything you hear or see.  Over time, your thoughts become your words, your spoken words become what you hear, and what you hear (long enough) will become what you believe.

For example, in television and movies, tall women are usually typecast as masculine, aggressive, and mean. They are usually playing a role that requires them to either ruff someone up or at least incite fear in someone. However, that’s not me nor does it fit any of my friends that are tall. Being a tall woman does not detract from my womanly-ness (if that’s a real word) nor does it make me any less feminine than my fellow sister who is slender and petite. Popular culture would like to make me believe that there is something not quite right with being tall unless I’m also a size 2.

I have to catch myself when I’m tempted to walk in anything less than confidence and tell myself to: “hold your chin up, put your shoulders back, walk tall, you got this”. Honestly, in the past, this was never second nature, praise God for growth! I choose to encourage myself daily even when I don’t feel like it.

Always remember this– you are priceless. Write those three words on a Post-It or on a mirror somewhere. Do whatever you have to do to in order to remember them. Regardless of what you have or have not earned, not one of your achievements (or failures) is worthy of determining your significance or value.

Now, dust yourself off, straighten your tiara, and get back in there :)