Short and Sweet: Do Not Look Back

A brief post that I believe is going to help somebody today. 

Yesterday, while driving home from work I had a thought about  the phrase: “don’t look back”. Here is what I believe the Lord wants you and I to know.  

We’ve all done or said something stupid,  but once you acknowledge your error and ask the Lord to forgive you,  it’s gone.

The Lord literally forgets it; this is not a figurative saying,  it’s true. 

However, the temptation to listen to condemning thoughts that you haven’t been forgiven or that God is angry with you is very present because the enemy seeks to destroy your confidence before the Lord when you pray or study the Bible.  Honestly, it’s just the devil’s way of making noise.

The good news is that this noise is all behind you once you repent.  You have the choice to decide if you will turn around to look back at it. You have to decide how much attention and/or focus you give to the noise.

Don’t take your vision away from your destination. Do not spend another moment focusing on the noise behind you.  Don’t even turn around to look at it. Your focus determines your destination; keep pushing forward.